Eat for Free at IHOP in Monterrey, NL - Come gratis en IHOP!

October 3, 2018 Stories & Experiences



My wife and I carpool with our neighbor, Jessia,  every morning, since our kids go to the same school. A few weeks ago we decided to take her out for a birthday breakfast after we dropped our kids off at school. There are not many options at 11AM on a weekday morning – other than side street tacos and OXXO. So we decided to take a cruise on Paseo Leones since we live close by.

“What do you want to eat, Jessia” we asked the not-so-shy birthday girl. It was a good question since we really needed a starting point.

“IHOP, maybe, since its the only place that might be opened at this time. Besides, I love pancakes” she replied.

Convienently enough, it was about 5 minutes away at a new plaza by our house, and since we were already on the road it was on. I happily obliged, I have a thing for Chicken and Waffles.

We get there and order our meals like any other day. The waitress must have sensed it was a special occassion, so she asked us what brought us there. Needless to say, the birthday girl spoke up – thinking she was going to undergo some special treatment. The waitress walked away.

We sat there eating and wondering when the staff were going to come out and start the embarrassing charade of singing to the dining guests, but that did not happen. After we finished up, the waitress told her her meal was free since it was her birthday.


Yes, you can eat for free at IHOP if it’s your Birthday.

Do you know of other places in Monterrey, NL or in your city that gives a free birthday meal? If so, let us know by commenting below so we can add it to our blog.


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