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Hiring Escorts in Monterrey Mexico

As an expat living in Monterrey with friends in Houston & other cities in US, I always get asked by them on Facebook or Twitter where can they find good escorts in Monterrey. At least they are honest about something that’s on the back of their mind when traveling to Mexico.


Most of the guys on a Facebook discussion page did say that’s one of the things they fantasized about before traveling down south for the tasty Mexican tacos.


Little did I know, a lot of American businessmen visiting Monterrey or Mexico City commonly hire local working girls in Mexico to accompany them in their hotel room.


I decided to look into the matter (took one for the team) and talk to local escorts and escort agencies in Monterrey. Apparently, its legal and not hard to locate prostitutes or hire professional escorts – either directly or through an agency.


Twitter, Backpage & Locanto were the common sites most of them searched before visiting Mexico.


After hearing stories about the bait & switch and other practices used by agencies, some were still undecided on just how to go about finding a reliable source to hire escorts in Monterrey or Mexico. So like a good neighbor, I did the neighborly thing. Hey, a blogger’s got to do what a blogger’s got to do.



Hiring Independent Escorts via Twitter

The little bird can give you the word, but whether or not the words that are being tweeted is attached to an honest hand is another question. You can look up the hashtag #escortsenmonterrey and see a bunch of tweets from local escort agencies (and some not so local) as well as independent escorts who use Twitter to promote their services.

“So many options to choose from, and some are too good to be true”


You will definitely see a lot of results and a lot of eye-catching images, but don’t bite the apple Eve, which is to say, don’t fall for that tempting morsel hanging in front of you without first checking if there’s more to it than what meets the eye.


A lot of the calls girls who work via social media are not really who they say they are, and in reality, you have very little way of ever finding out who they are – and where they went if, say, you had to locate them or tell the police about how it is you ended up tied to a bed and robbed by 2 girls who you let into your hotel room. Believe it or not, cops will laugh it off and mock you for being stupid – Bienvenido a Mexico.


You will see a lot of great offer, like “get two young girls to come to your hotel for $500 MXN” – they will definitely deliver the 2 young girls for you, but the cost is quite often more than $500 MXN – and they may fail to mention that the 2 little girls also come with 2-3 guys as a part of the deal. Escorting and “cleaning” service anyone? Then they clean you out.


Good Looking and Cheap – World of Internet Illusions

I have read it over time and time again “the pictures looked good but the girl was nothing like the picture”. Well, if you ever meet a Hollywood Star you might discover that they very rarely look like they do on screen, and models in magazine quite often do not look anything like on the spread.


That’s the digital age for you. If you don’t understand this concept by now, then probably exercise a little better judgement than to think you will get a bombshell escort for the less than the price of a tank of gas. If the girl is advertising less than $1200 MXN and she looks like Kim Kardashian, just be smart. That’s all I will say.


Bait & Switch

In all fairness, not all of the claims that the company pulled a bait & switch are truly cases of bait & switch. If anything, its a result of high expectation because of a professionally photographed escort reeling an unsuspecting guy in to the agency. Some agencies do go all out and hire professional photographers to take photo-sessions for their “fleet” of women. I was given a behind the screen look on what that was about from Hermes at Elite Escorts Monterrey.


“Plain and simple, you have to create a good image – even a fantastic fantasy. This is basically what the wandering eye is looking for” said Hermes. He showed me a few agencies who had, what appeared to be 40+ different women – all available through them. 40+ women professionally photographed and then advertised as “independent escorts” who work through that agency.


A clear mind can already see the issue there. It would be costly and inefficient to pull off such an act. However, to have 5-8 girls, all with different features – all reliable and actually working with the agency – and to just dress them up differently for each shoot and make each shoot in a different location and appealing to a certain corner of the mind will give the illusion of having a fleet of women, but in reality if less than 10 women – just dressed differently and repackaged on the same site under a different alias and price.


Elite Escorts Monterrey

Make them take it off and show you the Truth in real time. If the escort you are talking to via Twitter, WhatsApp or whereever, swears the photos she sent you are of her and that she is really wanting to “service you”, then just ask her to write down something on paper and send you a quick photo. Small investment of 2-3 minutes – as opposed to hours and thousands of pesos in professional photo sessions. You will see how quickly you cut through a potentially fraud transaction.


There is a site that independent escorts are flocking to because of its reputation and high-end clients, most are travelers from a different country – mainly United States. Elite Escorts screens local escorts and only accepts photos shot by the escort herself – no professional photographers or photo-shopping.


The girls like it because they make their own rates, as oppose to letting an agency make it up for them – the customers like it because it reduces a lot of the fraud associated with an unregulated industry and advertising practice.



Elite Escorts Monterrey was created by an expat, an American Businessman, living in Mexico. “there was a problem and I addressed it with honesty & integrity. Now they guys and girls both love me.”  See or visit their their Twitter here: Escorts in Monterrey





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