Volcano erupts in Mexico as Aztec God, Popocatépetl, awakens near Puebla

March 13, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Popocatépetl, an active volcano that sits near Puebla and the State of Mexico, erupted twice since Saturday , emitting hundreds of short, low-intensity bursts of gas and smoke, Mexican authorities said on Sunday afternoon.

Popocatépetl is the most active volcano in Mexico. On March 10, the volcano’s crater gave off a glow that intensified to a brilliant orange each time the volcano belched smoke, Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Prevention reported.

The name Popocatépetl comes from the Nahuatl words popōca [poˈpoːka] ‘it smokes’ and tepētl [ˈtepeːt͡ɬ] ‘mountain’, meaning Smoking Mountain. Authorities have placed the city on “Yellow “Alert”, but local residence are not alarmed, as the local sleeping giant is known for blowing smoke on a regular

The Legend of Popocatepetl

The chief had a daughter named Iztaccihuatl: the most beautiful of all the princesses, who had professed her love for young Popocatepetl, one of her father’s people and the most handsome warrior.

Both professed a deep love for each other, so before leaving for war, Popocatepetl asked the chief for the hand of Princess Iztaccihuatl.

The father gladly agreed and promised to welcome him back with a big celebration to give him his daughter’s hand if he returned victorious from the battle.

The brave warrior accepted, prepared everything and departed keeping in his heart the promise that the princess would be waiting for him to consummate their love.

Soon afterward, a love rival of Popocatepetl, jealous of the love they professed to each other, told Princess Iztaccihuatl that her beloved had died in combat.

Crushed by such tragedy and overwhelmed by sadness the princess died, without even imagining it could be a lie.

On a rare smog-less day in Mexico City, the white caps of Popocatépetl and its neighboring volcano Iztaccíhuatl can clearly be seen in the distance, the two reminding the people of the land of an archetypal love tale.

So far, the Aztec God has made 125 exhalations in the past 24 hours as the volcano blew smoke and dropped ashes.


See Popocatepetl on webcam


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