Mexico’s Attorney General officially apologizes to 3 wrongfully imprisoned women – 7 years after they were released.

February 22, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

3 Otomi women were arrested in 2006 during an anti-piracy raid on a local “mercado”, or “street style open market”, after six federal investigators claimed they were held against their will by angry vendors.


Jacinta Francisco Marcial was freed in 2009 and Alberta Alcantara Juan and Teresa Gonzalez Cornelio were freed in 2010, after Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled there was insufficient evidence in the case. Critics charged that prosecutors fabricated evidence.


Mexico’s attorney general formally apologized on Tuesday to three indigenous women who were jailed for years on kidnapping charges that were later dismissed.


Attorney General Raul Cervantes apologized after Mexican courts ordered the office to say it was sorry and make reparations for the women’s imprisonment.

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