#1 Complaint from American Tourists in Playa Del Carmen, Quinta Avenida

December 4, 2019 News,Travel

Are you visiting Playa del Carmen soon? Well, prepare yourself, mentally/emotionally, to put up with the same thing that many American tourists have complained about for years – its not going away anytime soon neither.

When The Sun Goes Down

After the sun begins to set, tourist change their bathing suits and put on clothing for a nice stroll down the famous ‘Quinta Avenida’ (5th Avenue). As they are getting ready to enjoy another leg of their vacation, locals are sharpening up their weapons for a kill.

The Faces of Two American Tourists AFTER Being Shot in Mexico

The Power of The Spoken Word

“Hey, hey, look here” says one hopeful salesman to a group of caucasion tourist. No response, so he switches the bait. “Oye, oye, lo tenemos”. Still no response. His eyes are lit as he searches for the right words to slingshot next.

The hopeful salesman speaks 2-4 languages, phrases are locked and ready to throw at the unsuspecting tourists who are walking down “the million dollar avenue”. Its basically like shooting fish in a barrel – its just that there’s a whole lot of shooters and a whole lot of fish in one little barrel.

You will hear it, you will laugh, you may even get a little shocked.

Yep, that’s basically all that you will have to concern yourself with whenever you vacation in Playa del Carmen. As a local, my advice is just give them a polite grin&nod combo and keep moving forward – no eye contact necessary.

Yes, they do get creative. Yes, you will be tempted – but remember who told you not to bite the apple and ask talking salesmen anything. Yes, in the end, it always does cost you more if you fall victim to their word. Naturally.

By Romullo Campos Dias, American Expat Living in Mexico

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