Move to Canada and get a job and 2 acres for free

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Move to Canada and get free land and a job

Are you considering moving out of United States and perhaps trying Canada? If so then you may want to consider this offer that was made by a small local company from Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. They are offering not just a position in their local farmers market, but they are also giving 2-acres of land for you to live on. The land will not have a cabin or a house, but you are welcomed to build or provide your own housing. If you are there for more than 5 years, they say they will give you the land.

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Cape Brenton Island is a small community with a little over 130K residents, and The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market delights itself with community meals and weekly jam sessions. If you are considering an earth-friendly, nature-focused life-style, try moving to Canada and taking The Farmer’s Daughter up on her offer.


To apply, you need some skills in customer service or the food industry and you must be environmentally conscious. The only catch? Foreign workers can’t apply. If you qualify, get your resume in shape and pack your bags. And if you’re not from Canada, here are the Canadian job rules if you want to try to make the move.


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