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Xoximilco Tour

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Enjoy the nightlife of Cancun and live a Mexican Fiesta

  • Carnival-type games at the start of the evening.
  • Mexican gondola ride through festive canals.
  • Dinner with the distinct flavors of Mexican cuisine.
  • Open beer, tequila, rum and vodka bar, with soft drinks and fresh flavored waters.
  • Different ensembles playing traditional live music: mariachi, norteño, ranchero, jarana marimba, banda de pueblo, and campirano.
  • Personal and personable host who will accompany you during the tour with games, information about the dishes and the guarantee of fun.
  • Duration: 3 hours approximately.
  • Other services (ATM and shops).
  • Free parking.


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Enjoy of live mariachi music, tequila, beer, typical food & have fun at a mexican party. Save up to 15% Off presale.


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